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The Winds of A.I. Will Change Our Direction

Today we can find Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) incorporated into practically all forms of technology surrounding us. We speak to our phones, they listen and then complete our request. The security cameras in our homes tell us when someone is at our front door before they even have a chance to ring the bell. We even have AI trained to understand the rhythm of our heartbeats and alert us when an irregularity is spotted. Are we able to use A.I.'s extreme capabilities for good?

Our devices are constantly listening to us, tracking both physical and digital movements. This information is used to sell us products, direct us via biased content, and even to sway our political opinions. That should not scare us from continuing but we must not fail to recognize the positives and negatives that accompany all great innovations.

Arguably, the best place to put forth our efforts when developing A.I. design is to assist humans achieve our goals of information sustainability and progression of our world.

AES Corporations is a great example of using AI to move forward. They are a leader in the field of green energy and operate multiple wind farms. Each one of the windmills at the farms is required to undergo annual inspections- which can take up to two weeks! By using the power of technological advancements in addition to A.I., AES was able to greatly speed up this process. Using drones to capture detailed images of each of the windmills in accompaniment of developed A.I. models trained specifically to examine the images captured, they were able to identify any degree of crack and defect in the structures. This integration of A.I. decreased the time of exterior windmill inspection from two weeks to just two days as well as creating a less risky approach. Their investment in A.I. technology will allow the company to refocus their resources and to greatly expand their green energy initiative.

If we encourage more companies to utilize Artificial Intelligence as tool, we will redefine the work place and easily solve meaningful problems as well as everyday ones. How can your company use A.I. to change the future?

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