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Low Code, High Results

With increasing demand for fast delivery and high performance, low-code platforms are becoming more and more prominent in the enterprise application environment. Being the leader in the low-code software solutions, the Appian platform has everything any enterprise needs as a solution, and everything a developer needs in order to deliver.

Throughout my years of experience, I have worked with many technologies, Java, JavaScript, C and a few others. But none has come close to how easy and fast it is to deliver a full application in Appian.

Appian’s simple syntax makes it easy to write code and maintain consistency across all components and the many developers who work with them. Other technologies and frameworks require multiple developers in a team who even after many years of experience still need multiple months to deliver an application. With Appian, a team of 3 or 4 developers can develop a full enterprise application from scratch and have it in production within 8 weeks.

Additionally, Appian provides easy to use deployment tools that allow developers to deploy applications from environment to another with a few clicks without the need for complex tools nor the need for complicated packages. By streamlining and simplifying the process, Appian allow you to deploy applications and critical patches withing a few minutes with no margin for error.

Low code no longer means low quality and limited results. With Appian, any imaginable solution can be created and at Kilby Solutions we are experts at making this a reality.

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