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Learn from your mistakes, or avoid them altogether?

I want you to think about this question for a few moments.

In life, we are often told that mistakes are okay, as long as we learn and grow from them. While this may hold true for your individual employees, mistakes cost the business time and / or money. Neither of those things are good. To help mitigate mistakes and errors, Kilby Solutions proposes two technologies: Appian and RPA.

Appian is an enterprise business process management tool. It can take a process that takes your business weeks to complete, down to something that can take hours. But when humans are involved in any process, there’s a chance for mistakes. Humans make typos. Humans forget. Humans send documents to the wrong person. You get the idea. That’s where RPA enters the picture. RPA, or Robotic Process Automation, can take those highly repetitive tasks that your employees do, and offload them to computer robots. Humans are very good at complex tasks; conversely, humans aren’t so good at repetitive, mundane, or low-effort tasks. Humans forget to attach documents to emails. A computer robot is not going to make that mistake.

So how do these technologies fit into your business? If you have a process in your enterprise, Appian can digitize it. And if that processes includes highly repetitive tasks, RPA can handle that load. Together, these technologies can drastically reduce time and cost of your business processes, thus allowing your employees to focus on challenging and value-add tasks.

Oh and the best part? While a normal custom enterprise application can take years to build, Kilby Solutions can build your first Appian application, with RPA, in a timeframe of weeks, thus allowing you to see your return on investment that much faster.

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