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An Easier Way

When executing processes for your business, do you often find that things don’t happen according to plan, or according to schedule? Do you find yourself sitting in emergency meetings to address the latest crisis? Here’s something to consider: perhaps aspects of your business processes could be optimized for efficiency- a digital solution could be the answer.

At the beginning of my career, I worked as a business analyst on several technical engagements. Typically, our development cycle would follow the same series of events: The project is introduced, we create a timeline, and we would attempt to stick to that timeline. However, each project presented its own challenges, and many issues we came across were a result of miscommunication or unforeseen blockers. As a result, projects would frequently get extended, and months would pass before the first iteration was complete.

With an Appian business solution for your company, applications and processes can be transformed within weeks (yes, you read that correctly). 

For Kilby Solutions, our process of development is systematic and regimented, however, it is fundamentally designed to anticipate and account for change. Just as things occur in life that are unexpected, application development is no different. In this style of development and delivery, people are favored over process, working technology over documentation,

collaboration over contractual obligations, and adaptability over following initially set plans. At Kilby Solutions, in addition to an emphasis on practices for optimal collaboration,

technical practices are employed in Appian that anticipate the modifications associated

with the maturation of a project. With both of these elements in mind, our teams are

able to deliver the highest quality product while responding and adapting to changes.

So, the next time you find yourself analyzing your processes for efficiency, take a moment to consider, there could be an easier way!

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