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The Team

40+years of combined Appian experience

Successfully delivered  50Appian engagements

Level 3 Certified Appian experience

Scoping & Offering

Have a solution in mind but no understanding of how long it will take? How much it will cost? Let one of our senior managers sit down with you to better understand your problem, your resourcing, and your architecture. We can then help you plan accordingly and price a proper engagement to fit your needs

Engagement Preparation

Once you have decided to work with our professionals, we will finalize contracting, resourcing, and scheduling within days

Project Initiation "Sprint 0​"

The first few weeks of an engagement are essential to success. Our teams will lead workshops to deep dive into your business requirements, define your architectural map, manage installations, produce data maps, refine a usable backlog of work, and finalize a light project road map

“We were building one of the largest Appian based solutions at the time that would support the core processes of an entire line function. Kilby Solution's expertise and management were crucial in tackling a challenge of this scope and he contributed strongly to the overall success of the project. We were glad to have him on the team.

Mark Borggraefe

Head of Business Process Management


Project Delivery

One of our core propositions is expeditious value-to-market. Our team will work in two week sprints (delivery periods) to gain feedback from your business users quickly, and prepare production deliveries for every 6-8 weeks. This includes iterative business requirements refinement, solution design, configuration & implementation, unit testing, and roll-out


All teams are skilled in driving success; this requires proper project management including change control, risk mitigation, barrier breakdown, financial awareness, and activity communication. Along with daily touch-points, each week you will be provided with a high-level heat map of project success factors to ensure the engagement is on track. Our teams also provide documentation on core delivery outcomes to assure maintainability and supportability post-production

Appian Delivery
What is Agile?

While there are many definitions of Agile across sources, this type of software delivery is essentially a specific way in which people deliver technology solutions. It does NOT discount any part of other delivery methods, but it favors people over process, working technology over documentation, collaboration over contractual obligations, and flexibility for change over following a set plan

Transformation to an Agile Organization

If your company has delivered software in a similar manner for years, and are looking to either test something new or would like to fully make the transition to Agile, our teams can assist. We provide current and target project and program architectures, resource role profiles, and transition plans for moving away from your current methodology into an Agile framework

Transform into an        agile organization

Agile Practice

At Kilby Solutions, our Agile coaching is not conceptual, it is practical. Our teams will collaborate closely with your resources, enabling them to lead and participate in sprint ceremonies (Agile meetings). We will provide proven templates for managing entry and exit criteria for each of the processes. Tools will be recommended for iterative delivery and roles & responsibilities will be defined for each resource within an Agile team

Planning and Funding with Agile

Technology is an investment in your people, your clients, and your business. It is often difficult for executives to adopt Agile into their organization due to the uncertainty surrounding delivery time and cost. Our company can help you bridge the gap between your teams delivering the highest quality product while responding to change and managers looking to plan and cost their portfolio 

Consultantation Request
Agile Delivery
Coaching Delivery
Kilby Solutions
Coaching & Enabling

Coaching and skill enhancements are performed in congruence with a live project.

This ensures practical awareness and ability to change within your organization's specific environment


Developers will use best practices to transform design into solution. They will learn tried and true methods for proper estimations, increasing velocity of delivery, managing complex design patterns, and how to ensure a quality end product

Analysis & Requirements Gathering

Product owners and business analysts will learn how to ask the right questions, optimize current processes, and document the subject matter expertise in a manner befitting a technical engagement

Design Transformation

Technical leads will learn how to build high-level architecture designs, provide logical data models, build wire-frames, document an access control matrix, and initiate system interface specifications

Support and Monitoring

Our teams can assist your support staff in setting up a tiered approach. We will help you effectively balance your operational support with your on-going delivery. Support will learn how to recognize breaks, performance degradation, and hardware thresholds and be able to communicate these appropriately

Automated Functional &

Non-Functional Testing

Testing leads will learn how to setup, and manage, test suites for delivery. They will learn the limitations and differences between the different types of testing tools and be able integrate effectively into a devops approach

Architectural Runway

Enterprise, solution, and data architects are experts in their target architecture and landscape for your organization. Our consultants can assist by bringing them together to make informed decisions about appropriate system utilization, integration management, and when to prioritize technical health over business needs

Program Management

Once you have experienced success with multiple engagements, requests from your business users will expand quickly. We can help you design a program architecture that is scalable based on your current resources, and recommend an infrastructure based on target volumes

Driving Change

Solution development requires motivated cooperation from a multitude of individuals and teams. Our consultants have experience working with dozens of organizational cultures, and can assist you in development of a project management framework that delivers success quickly

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