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Associate: Technical Consultant

Job Type: Permanent, Full Time

Travel: Possible up to 80%

Kilby Solutions, a consultancy group, is seeking a qualified candidate with established technical skills who is eager to support businesses by optimizing business processes and delivering technical solutions.


Upon start you will immediately begin impacting clients by performing throughout the entire lifecycle of solution development. You will participate in gathering client requirements, improve end-to-end processes, transform needs into usable technology, and provide an operable and sustainable solution for business problems. You will enable clients to perform in a similar capacity, creating self-sufficiency and an environment in which clients can grow.

Technologies currently being utilized are easy-to-build configurable products that allow us to quickly build solutions for our client’s specifications across all industries. You will become an expert at configuring business processes into these technical solutions.

Like any fast-paced startup, as we grow, so will you. While your primary role will be developing and delivering client solutions, you will be expected to wear many hats in order to accomplish client goals. You will experience a variety of roles (including but not limited to): business analyst, change manager, solution designer, data analyst, project manager, and program manager. You will learn skills related to communication, logic, business intelligence, strategy, stakeholder analysis, process, and quality assurance.


Required Experience:

●      Bachelors or Masters in Engineering, Mathematics, Computer Science, OR 3+ years of equivalent background

●      Academic or real world experience building solutions in Java, Python, C++ OR other BPM products or programming languages

●      Strong problem solving and critical thinking skills

●      Exceptional verbal and written communication skills


Preferred Qualifications:

●      Experience working in an Agile environment

●      Experience with relational databases

●      Experience in technology consulting

●      Experience in delivering Appian or Pega software solutions

●      Superior Academic Achievement

Associate: Power BI Design

Job Type: Permanent, Full Time

Kilby Solutions is seeking an experienced Power BI Designer with 3+ years of professional experience with Power BI and data analysis. This is an excellent opportunity for an individual to work in an exciting multi-disciplinary environment among a team of talented and dedicated professionals in a various sectors of technology consulting. The position offers great potential for professional growth and the opportunity to deliver engaging BI solutions and enterprise applications that have a direct impact on our clients and their global missions.

Primary Responsibilities
●      Gather requirements and specifications to create the various reports delivered to the client
●      Translate business needs and data related concepts to both technical and non-technical audiences throughout the organization
●      Design and build dashboards, reports and data visualizations using Microsoft Power BI
●      Integrate Power BI reports and dashboards with the Appian platform
●      Deliver and present report solutions to clients


Required Experience:

●      Degree in computer science, information systems, or comparable experience

●      3 years of experience working with Microsoft Power BI

●      Experience creating data models, reports and dashboards using Power BI

●      Experience using SQL-based databases like My SQL and SQL server

●      Strong communication skills, particularly the translation of technical information to field-based consultants


Preferred Qualifications:

●      Experience working with software development, such as Java, JavaScript, C++ or other similar development platforms
●      Experience and/or certifications in Agile environments 
●      Experience in process management 
●      Superior Academic Achievement

Associate: Quality Assurance

Job Type: Permanent, Full Time

Kilby Solutions, a consultancy group, is seeking a qualified candidate with established project management skills and who is eager to support all teams in the success of internal and client delivery by establishing and facilitating quality standards organization-wide. As a member of the Quality Assurance Unit, you will be responsible for continuing to drive innovation and add value to all teams through an achievement‐based philosophy to drive customer success and deliver quality. Members of this team will develop and employ successful corporate strategies to increase the market share for Kilby Solutions.

Upon starting you will immediately begin impacting clients and teams by facilitating and ensuring the success of each step the lifecycle of solution development. You will participate in the management and refinement of client requirements, prepare client demonstrations, perform ongoing testing and inspection to support the delivery of an operable and sustainable business solution. 

Concurrently, you will also begin creating and optimizing internal delivery strategies and processes for Kilby Solutions teams. You will conduct ongoing research to ensure all team practices and strategies are in alignment with industry advances, refine all Kilby Solutions delivery methodologies and procedures, and develop strategies to optimize project success. You will also build and manage training efforts for incoming employees and assist with proposal responses for potential clients. 

Required Experience:

●      A Bachelor’s at minimum, OR 3+ years of equivalent background
●      Strong analytical and critical thinking skills, attention to detail
●      Exceptional verbal, written, and presentation skills 
●      Academic or real-world experience in project management 


Preferred Qualifications:

●      Experience and/or certifications in Agile environments 
●      Experience with technology consulting 
●      Experience in requirements gathering and analysis 
●      Experience in process management 
●      Superior Academic Achievement

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